Hand & Feet

At R·U·B our Manicures and Pedicures are done with the international brand, OPI range of products. We also offer Bio Sculpture Gel, LCN, Silk Overlays and Tips and the ever popular Gelish.

Hand & Feet

Manicure: Colour or French paint 275
Pedicure: Colour or French paint 340
Delluxe Manicure: Add on any additional touch treatments 430
Deluxe Pedicure 430
File, Buff and Paint 200
Medi Heel Pedicure 500
Medi Heel Gelish Pedicure 560

Biosculpture Gel/Silk/Acrylic Nails

Full Set tips: including French 520
Overlays hands/toes 430
Manicure with Overlay 540
Pedicure with Overlay 560
Soak Off with new application 35
Soak Off 90

Acrylic Nails

Full Set 500
Fill 480


Soak off only 120
Nail Repair 75

Gelish Nails

Applies like polish, stays on for 2 weeks with no chipping & soaks off easily. Not harsh on nails.

Gelish Manicure 320
Gelish Pedicure 380
Gelish Overlay 290
Gellish Soak and re-apply 60
Gellish Soak 30

LCN Nails: Light Concept Nails

Full set with forms 550
Overlays hands/feet 500
File & seal: quick buff and seal 300
Fill 490
Repair 75

MediHeel: Effective Medical treatment for silky smooth heels

Pedicure 550

Additional Touch Treatments


Add on the following specialised touch treatments to any existing hand and foot treatments
Parrafin 66
Hot Stone 66
Mask 40